A dreaded sunny day.

no thanks


This genius top from Whistles pretty much summing up my attitude to Summer. AMAZING. In fairness, I’d probably be feeling a bit more pumped for the next few months if any of the following were in the pipeline:


a) A Margaret Dabbs medical pedicure 

b) Full ownership of this ensemble from Whistles (ironically)

c) A stay at the Georges hotel in Istanbul.


Not to mention my favourite Zara sunglasses accidentally ended up in the oven. HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?


[Image via Whistles]

Taking care of Haute Couture: Part II



Readers of last year’s post, ‘Taking Care of Haute Couture: Part 1‘ might have noticed my infatuated with haute couture and its conservation. The post back then was inspired by a vintage clothing sale at Christie’s in London; the standout piece being a rare black silk blouse from Dior’s very first collection, ‘La Carolle’ (1947).

Here we are again, then. And again, it’s all about Dior. A visit to the Bond Street store a month or so ago proved to be a fitting precursor to this season’s show at the Musée Rodin. A wonderful sense of history permeates every fibre of the store, and connections between Simons’ designs and those of Monsieur Dior are evident in almost every piece – from the flat, wide round buttons on the newly-interpreted Bar jackets, to the flashes of colour visible under dresses and blouses. But as Tim Blanks rightly says in his review to S/S ’14 collection, ‘the future won’t wait’, and a future it seems, is what Raf Simons has secured for the codified house, with graphic cut outs and vivid-coloured slices of lace fusing seamlessly with the trademark Dior silhouette.




The navy wool bustier jumpsuit Stephanie tried on from the 2014 RTW cruise collection (I cried in the street outside after this happened – smooooooth), was just one example of the synthesis between Mr Simons’, and Mr Dior’s craft. It was only after our visit, when I started looking at those founding collections of the late 1940s that I discovered this ‘Eventail’ gown from Autumn/Winter ’48, also made from wool. Excitement for next season is already sky-high.



[Images via Tumblr and the Metroplitan Museum of Art]

Cut copy.



It’s almost worrying how little problem I have with slavishly copying Phoebe Philo’s haircut*. Not yet, but soon. Two years have passed since my last major re-style, a period of time that has seen an untold fortune spent on Philip Kingsley Elasticizer – I stopped short at Viviscal – to relatively little effect. Time for a new approach.

These last few years have not been an easy ride, hair-wise. It’s been red, blonde (ERROR) and every shade of brown.  There was the ill-advised fringe, layers, streaky highlights, feathering and even a John Frieda at home dye kit that caused it to start falling out. In my hands. In the shower. Not one, but two hairdressers, have actually reduced me to tears. Quite honestly? My poor hair has been screaming ”GIRL. GIVE. IT. UP” for years and I have steadfastly refused to listen.

True, a fresh start will start in earnest with the big cut, but I’m extending this hair turnaround to a self-imposed ban on hair dye and continuing to invest in high-quality haircare products (looking at you, Josh Wood). The scene of the big day is still to be decided, but Trevor Sorbie in Hampstead is looking like an odds-on favourite. I really hope there’s champagne to ease the pain, because God knows I can’t make it three in a row.

Funnily enough, Into The Gloss has recently posted some insanely great advice for getting a good mid-length cut and keeping it looking top notch. IT’S LIKE THEY KNOW. Just wait until you read the part about the curvature and heat from your shoulders turning your midi-cut into a flicked mum bob. Oh yes, that’s an actual thing. Wish me luck!

*not quite as worrying as the first time I saw this picture and immediately thought ‘they must be the antique diamond earrings she said her husband bought her in that interview a while back!’. The obsession has absolutely gone too far.

[Image via Keep it Chic]

The New Feminine.

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 18.40.22 Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 18.35.26 Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 18.34.55 Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 18.35.02


Net-a-Porter are killing it this week with the latest edition of The Edit: The New Feminine Fashion.

The Edit has long been one of my favourite internet fixtures and a virtual happy place (see also: Into The Gloss, Vivianna Does Makeup, Tumblr). This week, its all babes, beauty and bijoux with a heavy focus on muted colours and delicate feminine adornment. It’s also a timely reminder of the beauty that is Sophie Dahl, the most quintessential English Rose that ever was. So, for your viewing pleasure, here she is melting butter, sugar and OUR HEARTS with a recipe for peanut butter fudge.


Un, deux, trois.

Three watches


24 is looming large and ominous on the horizon, so it feels like time for a grown-up watch. Before you know it I’ll be buying an electric blanket and listening to Radio 4 on Sundays…oh wait…

(Left to right) a handsome Cartier dupe by Seiko, the Olivia Burton Midi Dial Bracelet in Yellow Gold and the Nixon Rose Gold Kensington. Click the image for shop links!


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